Short Moral Stories For Kids // Four Friends

Short Moral Stories For Kids -Four Friends
Four Friends

Short Moral Stories For Kids // Four Friends

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Short Moral Stories For Kids – Four Friends Short Stories in English

Long time ago in a Forest lived three friends a turtle, a Parrot and a Squirrel. They were very good friends. They always helped each other. One day they were sitting and talking near the lake a Zebra walked up to them Upon seeing the Zebra on the first time in the Forest, The Turtle said.

Turtle :- You are a new being. I have never seen you before in this forest.

Zebra :- I’m new to this Forest. The previous Forest in which I live had no friends there. I tried to be a friend to other animals but no one wanted to be my friend. So I left the Forest and ultimately reached her.

Turtle :- So you are all lonely and you are a necessity of a friend.

Zebra :- yes.

The turtle the Parrot and the Squirrel look at each other and smiled.

Turtle :- Although, we were just three friends but now we are four.

The Zebra became friends with them. The next day all friends went in separate directions to look for food. By evening they used to converge at the same destination. Everything went on like this for a few days. Then one day the Zebra didn’t return in the evening. Due to this the all three friends started getting worried.

Turtle :- The sun has almost set. Why hasn’t the Zebra yet returned.

Squirrel :- He never come this much late.

Turtle :- We need to go and look and find him.

Squirrel :- Yes let’s go and search him.

Parrot :- No you won’t either, I will go. I can fly Thus I will have a broader view and I will be able to find him quickly.

The Parrot took off to search the Zebra. After wandering for a while, the Parrot heard a voice. He gaze down at the ground and saw the Zebra is trapped in a net. Seeing his friend in this position, he immediately went to him.

Zebra :- Dear friend, just helped me get out of this net.

Parrot :- You don’t worry. Let me think of something.

Without wasting time he flew back to the turtle and the Squirrel who were waiting for him. The Parrot narrated them the whole situation.

Turtle :- What are you saying? A huntsman.

Parrot :- Yes a huntsman has trapped here. Before the huntsman returns, Squirrel my friend come with me and not the net with your sharp teeth.

Short Moral Stories For Kids

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The Parrot and the Squirrel reached the spot. Not his net my friend. The Squirrel quickly not the net and the Zebra was free. The turtle also reached there.

Turtle :- Are you ok, my friend.

Zebra :- Yes, I’m fine. All of you saved me.

Then suddenly the huntsman returned to the spot and saw the Zebra free. The Squirrel saw the huntsman.

Squirrel :- Oh my god! the huntsman was here. Run, run.

Seeing the huntsman came closer. All of them started to flew. The Parrot flew away. The Squirrel ran for the nearest hole. The Zebra stinted in to the nearest bushes. The turtle how ever could neither run nor hide. The huntsman caught the turtle. Put him in a bag and took him away. After some time the Zebra the Squirrel and the Parrot gathered at one place. They are very sad about his friend turtle being captured.

Short Moral Stories For Kids

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Zebra :- In order to save my life, turtle got captured.

Parrot :- I have a trick, that turtle can be saved.

Squirrel :- How?

Parrot :- The huntsman is alone and we are three. He hasn’t reached the river yet.

The Parrot explained them his trick and how it has to be executed.

Zebra :- That’s a brilliant idea. Let’s go now.

When they reach lake side. According to the Parrot trick the Zebra pretended to be dead. The Squirrel was ready waiting in the bushes for the right moment. The huntsman approached the spot and saw the Zebra lying dead on the road. He said

Huntsman :- Wow… my Zebra.

The huntsman got greedy and went ahead to catch the Zebra. As soon as the huntsman moved away from the bag the Squirrel run to the sek and started cutting it. The moment the huntsman came closer to the Zebra. The Parrot flew away and the Zebra got up and ran away. The huntsman was not able it understand what was happening by now the Squirrel free the turtle from the sak too. They two rushed immediately toward the bush.

The huntsman came back disappointed to pick up the bag to find out the bag was not and the turtle was escaped. The huntsman felt distressed. On the other hand, the turtle, the Zebra, the Squirrel and the Parrot reunited with happiness.

Short Moral Stories For Kids – Four Friends Short Stories

The End

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